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Italy is the most romantic destination

If you are a romantic, if you want to make a pleasant surprise for your loved one, to propose your girl and especially if you want to have an unforgettable honeymoon then we will be of great help for you! Together with our team of travel specialists we have studied, analyzed and selected the most amazing places to visit on your trip to Italy.

Just fill out a simple form and leave all the rest for us. We will create a trip of your dreams including all bookings, planning and even your safety during the holiday. Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan it all sounds like a perfect trip and it's not even a half of Italy's must-see places!

Susan's Trip

My mom's turned 72 and after her sad, "Oh well, my Italy attempt has failed" I hastily reserved tickets to Rome. I just wanted our trip to Italy to be a wonderful memory, so I decided to turn to professionals and came upon Customeuropetrip.

Our route: Rome-Florence-Venice-Rome
Transport: Plane
Budget: $ 3,000 per person

It all started with a delayed flight due to bad weather. However, when we landed at Fiumicino airport, we saw a guide waiting to transfer us to Flowerome hotel (otherwise we would have to wait for the bus to Termini). Flowerome is only a 15 minute walk from the Coliseum and 2 minutes from the Termini Train. I must say the hotel was clean and its owner, Andreas, very friendly.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

On the first day we visited the basilica. By the way, admission is absolutely free. What a wonderful experience! We have seen many temples but this was, by far, our favorite. Our guide showed us two huge domes and lots of windows. The temple is filled with light and even the walls shine through a combination of frescoes and mosaics. Santa Maria Maggiore has tombs of several popes including the body of Pius V, one of the "dogs of the Lord", in other words the Dominicans, whose monastic order was one of the most austere and cruel. Then we had free time to walk around Rome. Rome is beautiful with its sunshine, blooming flower beds and no less lovely signorina. We made reservation at Trattoria Morgana - a place highly recommended by our TRAVEL agent - and were not disappointed! For dinner, my mom had very tender escalope and I had snails.

Galleria Borghese

One day was devoted to the Vatican. We also pre-booked a tour to Vatican Gardens. We spent time in the gardens of paradise with our great Italian guide. This beautiful building appeared in the Vatican because of Pope Pius IV, related to the Medici. Drawings on the walls are actually a mosaic surviving for 500 years.

Generally, the gardens are filled with water - not only to water the greens but for the fountains and waterfalls. This "Aquila" seems so natural yet it was created by human hands. To fill it with water, Pope Paul V (kind of Borghese with the eagle on the emblem) ordered to reconstruct the ancient Roman aqueduct. The house in the background is home to former Pope Benedict XII - There is no chance to get closer! Not only gardeners but also artists did a beautiful job. One can see a clear difference between different historical periods. Antique columns in the "wild" English garden, pergolas, arches of French garden, artsy geometry of Italian garden - it's hard to say what detail is the most attractive. Apart from the fountains there are many statues in the gardens. In addition to purely religious statues there are antique ones (especially in the English garden).

Of course, their number has declined significantly due to Pius V, but the rest are definitely good.

Vatican Courtyard

We also had a walk along the Court of the Pigna and were able to explore the area surrounding the pine patio. In addition to a strange globe we found two Egyptian lions.

This is me with a sad Egyptian lion :)

After the gardens we saw the Vaticcan's Egyptian, Greek and Roman period collections. No pictures or guides can express the feeling that appears when you look at the divine Raphael fresco. To be honest, after seeing it some of the "contemporary art" looked particularly pathetic. "The School of Athens" is, of course, the best of the frescoes.

In my review, I've tried to highlight the most memorable place for me. As you can tell, the Vatican impressed me the most. I still have a great deal to write and tell you about from our adventures. Unfortunately, I don't have much time because we are heading out on a new journey - France!

I loved the service Customeuropetrip offered us so I recommend all my friends to try trips to Italy, too. You should see our plans for France. I will tell you more about our experience as soon as possible!