Best Places To Travel With Kids

If you want to spend a great time traveling while entertaining and keeping your kids safe here are the best places in Europe to visit with kids:

  1. London is all about kings and queens. Your kids are going to admire the beauty of the Buckingham Palace they've seen in the animated movie "Cars". The city has also numerous educational attractions like the Natural History Museum or the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and various friendly with kids
  2. Paris is going to impress your family because it has the Eiffel Tower, a number of notorious museums and, of course, Disneyland that's located 20 miles away from the center of the city. Before going to Disneyland you can take your kids to the Louvre and teach them art history. No worries about hotels, there are plenty of family ones in the city that serve yummy chocolate croissants.
  3. Rome is all about people who love children. Kids would be thrilled to admire the majestic Colosseum and learn about the city's history because there are huge Pizzas and lots of Gelato waiting to be eaten. Also, there's a Gladiator School...
  4. Barcelona will make your kids fall in love with its colors, while presenting to them an adventure at some old castles or at the beach. There are also the L'Aquarium Barcelona and the Barcelona Zoo that are great places and attractions for the young tourists.Travel with kids - L'Aquarium Barcelona
  5. Edinburgh hosts the very famous castle and Museum of Childhood that give your kids the possibility to play on 4 different floors of games and toys. It is recommended to visit the city in August, during its Fringe Festival that is all about puppetry and kids comedy.
  6. Valencia is a great destination for adults and kids that love aquariums. There you can find the Europe's largest aquarium - Oceanografic and admire the biggest water beauty of the continent.
  7. Salzburg is the Austrian City that's friendly and has an incredible zoo that features 800 animals. Also, there are nice family hotels, bakeries that serve delicious deserts and mountains to look at.Travel with kids Salzburg
  8. Copenhagen has an incredible theme park that hosts a huge aquarium, a lot of live musical performances, 38 different restaurants, Ferris wheel, carousels and a roller coaster... Explore the North of Europe together with your kids and have fun.