Europe's top destinations for chocolate lovers

Without a doubt, chocolate is a favorite delicacy of everybody. For many centuries this sweetness pleases sweet tooth with its taste and keeps up spirits. For those who want to try real chocolate with a unique taste, we suggest going to European countries where chocolate is treated with a special love and awe.

If you can not imagine your life without chocolate, go to Switzerland where everyone eats about 11.6 kg sweets in a year. Zurich is considered to be the world capital of chocolate and there is located the biggest chocolate shop.

Zurich Chocolate Day

The next country in the route of sweet tooth is Belgium. Belgian love for chocolate is as strong as Swiss, so their chocolate is not worse. Here you can visit 16 chocolate museums and 12 factories that produce unsurpassed and high-quality chocolate. You will not stay indifferent after trying the world famous Belgian chocolates with different even the most unusual fillings.

In a small town of France called Tain l'Hermitage you will find the chocolate factory and old Valrhona Chocolate School. All interested persons are taught here the craft of production of chocolate, however, be ready to spend a tidy sum of $1,000 for three days of training.

Chocolate also has conquered the hearts of Spanish and has become an integral part of their cuisine. In Barcelona you can visit the Chocolate Museum where you will learn the history of chocolate will see miniature Barcelona's monuments made of chocolate and will try a traditional hot chocolate which is prepared by a special Indian recipe.

Barcelona Chocolate Museum

During your sweet trip to Europe make sure to visit Italy. This country also has something to please chocolate lovers. To know a real taste of Spanish chocolate, go to Guido Gobino in Turin and try incredibly delicious chocolate drink with hazelnuts - you are guaranteed a good mood for the whole day. You're lucky if you get to Turin in March because at this time you can attend a three-week festival of chocolate known as CioccolaTo.

English city Birmingham is also famous for its chocolate called Cadbury. Here was built a theme park Cadbury World where you can watch the process of the production of chocolate, prepare chocolate and, of course, eat it.

Bon Appetit!