Tasty Italian Cuisine

It is well-known that Romans loved big feasts and wines. Basically, the taste of Italian cuisine got extremely rich and various because of the Romans. Now Italian food is famous all around the world. The number of restaurants serving Italian dishes increases each year in all parts of the Globe. Influenced by the mountains, Mediterranean sea and sun, Italian cuisine is just like Monica Belucci - beautifully delicious both on the inside and on the outside.

Contradictory to the common belief, Italians often say that the more you eat - the healthier you are. The truth is that Italy, like no other country, centers on the quality of ingredients. Even their Pasta that's full of carbs is healthy and incredibly tasty.

Tasty Italian Cuisine

The Italian cuisine is all about high quality ingredients such as: olive oil, tomatoes, basil, garlic and red wine that goes perfectly with everything. There are different gastronomic identities all around Italy that combine the health benefits of Mediterranean diet with the savor of many seasonal ingredients.

A typical Italian menu consists of antipasto, primo which is usually based on carbs-pasta or risotto, secondo - that's seafood or meat which can be served with salad, dolce - it's a sweet dessert, coffee and if requested, at the end of the meal, a liquor like limoncello can be served.


The famous Italian Pasta is made of high quality wheat that allows its texture to be firm and tender, all in one. There are almost 60 pasta shapes: long, round, shell shaped, tube shaped and many others. Of course, Italians give much attention to their sauces that are actually always making magic out of the meal. The tomato sauce made with less oil is perfect for thin pastas. There is also a big range of seafood sauces that go really well with thicker types of pasta.

The first thing you notice once you get into some Italian cookbook is the beauty of food. If they ever made a pageant contest of all the cuisines from around the world, the Italian would definitely win. The prettiest foods on this planet are Italian. There is so much to love about Pasta, Pizza, Tomato Sauce, prosciutto (the best type of ham), Parmiggiano-Reggiano (one of the weirdest but still best cheese out there), olive oil...