Vatican Museum

Thanks to Pope Julius II, who started collecting sculptures in 1503, Clement XIV (1769-1774) and Pius VI (1775-1799) who took care of the place where all the Popes were collecting rare objects, today we have the Vatican Museum complex. Vatican City was and still is the center of Catholicism; Vatican Museums are the modern center of Renaissance. Some of the most important Renaissance art objects are displayed there. Also, there is always a big mystery around Vatican City which is the smallest state in the world that has an incredible influence on 1.2 billion of people. The Catholicism makes the Museums even more attractive to the public.

Vatican Museum

Michelangelo is one of the reasons why Vatican Museums are so popular. The Sistine Chapel, which is the last gallery of the Museum has ceiling painted by the one and only and very notable Michelangelo. This is one of a kind masterpiece that has influenced the Renaissance Western art in a way no other did. Also, there are more paintings of the artist there, that put all together are one of the world's biggest tourist attractions. There is Raphael's work that consists of the four Raphael rooms that have incredible Renaissance marks like the Adam and Eve ceiling fresco.

The museums keep safe and show to the world these huge and unique paintings: Giotto's Stefaneschi Triptych; Olivuccio DI Ciccarello, Opere DI Misericordia, Raphael's Madonna of Foligno, Oddi Altarpiece and Transfiguration; Leonardo DA Vinci's St. Jerome in the Wilderness; Caravaggio's Entombment; Perugino's Madonna and Child with Saints and San Francesco al Prato Resurrection; Filippo Lippi's Marsuppini Coronation. The Vatican Museums are also famous for making the Roman Empire history more accessible to the rest of the world. There are Roman sculptures and tombstones, including the Early Christian Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus.


The mystery around Vatican City and Catholic religion made the museums subject not only to tourism. There are famous movies and books that describe the place and even dive into its deepest secrets and hidden facts. The media, together with incredible amount of art and history objects bring to the Museums around 4 million visitors each year. There is a lot to see and experience between the walls of the Vatican museums... Make sure, at least once in your lifetime, to visit this place and see yourself the religion, art, history and legacy of Vatican.