"The Best of Italy" Luxury Tour

Sapphire blue waters, splendid beaches, ancient Romanesque churches, impressive Gothic cathedrals, picturesque hills, gorgeous villas, lush olive groves, breathtaking scenery make Italy a top tourist destination in the world. Do you want to explore Northern Italy in style? This luxury vacation tour is the best option for you. Enjoy the most luxurious experience in your life with our trip! Discover the natural splendor of Italy with us!

Day 1 Welcome to Milan - one of the most fashionable cities worldwide! You will see the main cathedral of Milan. It's hard not to fall in love with amazing Milanese architecture. Then you will enjoy the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Besides sights, Milan is famous for tasty fast food. It's time to eat a panzerotto! Italians adore this delicacy. It's a fried sweet piece of bread with mozzarella and tomato sauce. It's hard to describe its flavor; you should taste this delicious food to understnad! After lunch you will visit a world-famous shopping gallery - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This place is a heaven for fashion enthusiasts who want to get a unique shopping experience!
Lake Como and Varenna
Day 2 Today you will visit the Lake Como - the most magnificent place in the world. You will enjoy a private cruise along its shores. Make sure to photograph this famous lake and its surroundings: stunning natural beauty, picturesque towns, charming hills, glamorous villas. Since Roman times the extraordinary beauty of this place has attracted people. After the cruise you will enjoy the town of Varenna. Walking among its medieval lanes is the best way to feel the charm and magic of this lovely village. In the evening you will enjoy local dishes and fabulous sunsets at the finest restaurant.
Day 3 Your next destination is Verona. It is also known as “the city of Romeo and Juliet”. All people were charmed by this extraordinary love story. Do you want to see Juliet's House and admire Juliet's balcony and statue? The time has come! Besides this legendary place, you will see the Duomo di Verona, the 12th century Romanesque cathedral, and Castelvecchio, a medieval fortress. Everyone will be amazed by stunning beauty of Verona's architectural treasures. After dinner at one of the best restaurants you will discover the ancient Verona ruins - Porta Borsari and Roman arena - the best-preserved Roman amphitheater.
Day 4 On this day you will enjoy Dolomites. We recommend exploring this place by car. Your private driver will take you to the Sass Pordoi and Lake Garda, famous for spectacular panoramic views. Fantastic mountains, lovely villages, magnificent lakes, fairy-like castles and hidden art gems will fascinate you. Besides incredible beauty, the Dolomites are renowned for intriguing history and unique culture. Your private guide will tell you a lot of interesting facts about this place. You will stop at San Cassiano. This lovely town is a perfect destination to enjoy luxurious accommodations, first-class gourmet cuisine and feel the alpine charm.
Day 5 How about a trip to Vicenza? You will arrive in this city to see its famous sights: the beautiful Basilica Palladiana and the Teatro Olimpico, one of the world's cultural wonders and a Renaissance gem. Moreover, Vicenza is renowned for precious metals. So, if you are fond of gold, it's advised to buy fine jewelry here. You will be amazed by original items and affordable prices! After supper you will visit the Ponte San Michele. This ancient bridge is fantastic at night!

This private Northern Italy vacation tour is really special! You will not stay indifferent!