Discover the jewels of Sicily

Sicily is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Each and every year millions of tourists visit this Mediterranean island to enjoy fantastic cuisine, wonderful weather, azure waters, breathtaking coastal landscapes, magnificent castles, old shops, splendid cathedrals, unique wines, idyllic seaside villages, medieval towns... You will find a lot of reasons to visit this place. If you are planning to visit Sicily then this tour is the best option for you! Discover the unique beauty of this island with our tour!

Day 1 Your journey starts in Taormina, the beautiful city of Sicily. It has been a popular tourist destination since ancient times. You will see Piazza del Duomo and Cattedrale di Taormina, a beautiful medieval cathedral on Corso Umberto. Are you hungry? There are a lot of bars in Taormina. So, you will taste Sicilian cuisine and its fine wines. After delicious dinner you will visit Piazza IX Aprile which is famous for fantastic sea views. It's hard to describe the beauty of this place! Besides this splendid square, you will see Greek Theater and the ruins of a medieval castle. In the evening, you will have a unique chance to enjoy traditional Sicilian dishes at the best restaurant. Romantic music, unique Mediterranean flavors, relaxing atmosphere and an amazing sunset...It's unforgettable!
Day 2 On this day you will see the largest active volcano in Europe- Mount Etna. Your Sicilian trip would not be complete without visiting this beautiful volcano! Many tourists visit Sicily to explore Mount Etna. This unique place is also renowned for the grandeur of nature and magical atmosphere.
Day 3 After breakfast you will visit Syracuse, a city of gentle hills, picturesque valleys and magnificent lakes. Here, you will see the most well preserved Greek amphitheater, a great example of classical architecture. Syracuse has unique history: it was the capital of the Byzantine Empire. You will discover many interesting facts about this Greek town, its secrets and legends! Don't miss your chance to walk among baroque piazzas, medieval lanes, orange and olive groves in Syracuse. It's an awesome experience!
Day 4 Your adventure will continue in Agrigento. This medieval town is famous for the Valley of the Temples archaeological park. You can admire the Temple of Hera (Juno), Concordia, Heracles (Hercules) and the Temple of Zeus (Jupiter). Besides temples, you will enjoy Giardino della Kolymbetra, an amazing ancient olive and citrus garden. In the evening, you will arrive in Palermo.
Day 5 On this day you will explore Palermo's' attractions. You will see the Cathedral of Palermo, a unique mix of Arab, Byzantine and Anglo-Norman art. Everyone will be impressed by this architectural masterpiece! Besides the main cathedral, you will see the Quattro Canti, a great example of Spanish Baroque architecture. The beauty of this building is fantastic! After architectural treasures of Palermo you will enjoy a delicious dinner at the local trattoria. Fresh seafood, arancini (fried rice balls), pasta alla Norma (pasta with fried eggplant)...Sicilian cuisine can satisfy any food demands. In the evening, you will visit a small cafe to enjoy the best Sicilian delicacies. Palermo is famous for the Cannoli. Don't forget to taste these amazing delicacies! It's an awesome delicious adventure!
Day 6 Your journey will end in Marsala. A lot of people visit Marsala as this seaside town is renowned for its outstanding wines! On this day you will visit a wine cellar and sample the best Marsala wines!

We promise you a fantastic adventure! Join our tour now to have the best Sicilian vacation!