A special gourmet adventure

Are you a wine lover? Do you dream about the best wine experience in your life? Visit Tuscany! This Italian region is world renowned for spectacular wines. A lot of wine experts visit regions of Tuscany to explore wine cellars, vineyards and sample some of the best wines. If you want to enjoy the superior Chianti wines then this wine tour has been designed especially for you! Enjoy the best gourmet adventure in your life! You will be in raptures over the best wineries and excellent wines.

Day 1 Your journey starts in this Renaissance capital. This day you will see the impressive Duomo, a Florence's main cathedral and understand why this unique city is regarded a heaven for connoisseurs of art. You will have the chance to admire Florence's fantastic panoramic views from the roof of its Duomo. Then, you will enjoy dinner at the best restaurant of Florence. Do you want to see one of the most romantic spots in the world? Visit the Piazzale Michelangelo in the evening. You will not regret it!
Chianti Classico
Day 2 You will visit the old wine region, the Chianti Classico. This Italian region is famous for grand medieval castles and extraordinary beauty. You will feel its splendid atmosphere and sample the Tuscany's best wines. You will enjoy wine tasting at well-known wineries such as Castello della Panereta and Castello dei Rampolla. After the tasting you will enjoy supper in Panzano. Do you know that this city has the most delicious meat dishes? It's a good idea to taste some of them!
Day 3 Your next destination is Montalcino. Visiting this Tuscan town is a must as Montalcino is renowned for producing fantastic Brunellos and you have to taste it. The Brunello di Montalcino has been recognized the best wine by wine experts from all over the world. Moreover, you will learn more about a wine- making process. Did you hear about truffle hunting? After a wine tour you will enjoy this exciting adventure with local experts and their truffle dogs. In the evening you will taste local meals with fresh truffles. You will get a lot of pleasure!
Day 4 This charming city produces the best Pecorino cheese. You will visit a local farm in Pienza to enjoy cheese tasting. In addition to that, you will discover how the local pecorino cheeses are made. In the evening you will enjoy the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, olive orchards, endless Cyprus trees and fabulous sunsets. Pienza is the ideal place to relax and feel the rural life.
Day 5 Do you want to taste prestigious wines? Bolgheri is the home of the world's exclusive and expensive wines. You will appreciate such super-Tuscan wines as Sassicaia and Ornellaia. During a guided wine tour you will learn traditional methods for producing these excellent wines. Discover old wine traditions with your guide!
Day 6 Your gourmet adventure will end in Montepulciano. You will have the possibility to taste amazing dessert wines and Nobile di Montepulciano. They are outstanding! After the tasting you will enjoy a romantic supper at a local restaurant.

Do you want to become a wine expert? Join our tour and find out the wine secrets! We promise to present you the sweetest memories!